Tenuta San Vito in Fior di Selva

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    Contact Info

  • Address: Via San Vito 59,
    50056 Montelupo Fiorentino - Firenze
  • Contact: Neri Gazulli
  • Wine tasting Fee:€ 15,00
  • Open: All year round
    10:00 - 13:00 / 14:30 - 17:00
  • Ph:+39 0571 51411
  • sanvito@san-vito.com
  • www.san-vito.com


The Tenuta San Vito in Fior di Selva, a historic wine estate of the Tuscan wine world, has been producing DOC Chianti since 1960, and in 1985 obtained the area’s first official organic cultivation certification. The Tenuta San Vito is located in Montelupo Fiorentino, only 15 km from Florence, set in the green hills of Chianti and within the DOC zone of Chianti Colli Fiorentini.

The winery rises atop the hill of San Vito, surrounded by woods and graced by a small lake. Of our 126 hectares, 20 are planted to olive trees and 34 to premium grapes. Over the years, we have made many changes and innovations both in the vineyards and in the winemaking cellar. Numerous vineyards have been re-planted with the best clones of sangiovese and the best cultivars of merlot, cabernet, and chardonnay, in order to improve the complexity of our wines. Vine training systems have been adopted to ensure modern vineyard management practices. Our consulting oenologist, Attilio Pagli, who enjoys esteem in Italy and worldwide, is the guarantor of the quality of our wines. Our many innovations have given birth to a whole range of products; with them, we will be able to bring the traditions and philosophy of Azienda San Vito into fruitful harmony with the demands of the market and with the tastes of consumers.

On the estate, four ancient farmhouses have been re-structured into agriturism flats, and an attractive restaurant offers a wide range of the best dishes of rural Tuscan cooking. We hope that you will find this information useful and that we can host your visit to our wine estate, so that you can personally enjoy everything here.

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Wines from Tenuta San Vito

Amantiglio Tuscan I.G.T.

Tasting Notes: Brilliant Straw Yellow Bouquet: Complex nose showing fruit and floreality, with classic varietal peach and apricot, plus ultra-ripe tropical fruit. Taste: Harmonious on the palate, with all components in balance; crisp,tasty acidity and rich flavours.
Grape varieties: 100% Chardonnay.
Food Pairings: Perfect with risotto, seafood dishes and with poultry and veal.
Total production: 7000 bottles.

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Chianti San Vito D.O.C.G.

Tasting Notes: Color: Ruby Red Bouquet: Rich fragances of wild red berry Taste: Beautifully balanced palate with appealing flavours.
Grape varieties: 100% Sangiovese.
Food Pairings: Perfect with meat-based first courses and with all roasts.
Total production: 100.000 bottles.
Awards Won: 85/100 I vini di Veronelli 2008.

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Chainti Colli Fiorentini "Darno" D.O.C.G.

Tasting Notes: Color: Red ruby. Bouquet: Rich fragrances of wild red berry. Taste: Rounded and well-balanced on the palate, richly flavoured.
Grape varieties: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo.
Food Pairings: any festive first course, as well as roasts, meat dishes in general.
Total production: 40.000 bottles.
Awards Won: 86/100 I vini di Veronelli 2008, 2 bicchieri Vini d'Italia 2008 Gambero Rosso

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Madiere - Tuscan I.G.T.

Tasting Notes: Color: Deep ruby red Bouquet: Lingering aromas suggesting wild red berries and spice Taste: Harmonious and balanced on the palate; a very distinctive wine suited for lengthy cellaring.
Grape varieties: 60% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot
Food Pairings: with all red-meat dishes, with roasts and all types of stews; ideal with wild game.
Total production: 7.000 bottles
Awards Won: 88/100 I vini di Veronelli 2008, 3 grappoli Duemilavini Ais 2008, 2 bicchieri Vini d'Italia 2008 Gambero Rosso.

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Colle dei Mandorli - Tuscan I.G.T.

Tasting Notes: Color: Deep Ruby Red Bouquet: Complex nose with lingering fragances of pungent spice and ripe red berry Taste: Well balanced on the palate, firm-structured yet smooth and opulent with very fine-grained and fragrant tannins; a wine of great breed with impressive cellaring potential.
Grape varieties: 100% Merlot.
Food Pairings: Ideal with all meat dishes, roasts, stews and any preparation in juices or sauce. An outstanding partner with small and large wild game.
Total production: 2.500 bottles.
Awards Won: 89/100 I vini di Veronelli 2008, 4 grappoli Duemilavini Ais 2008, 2 bicchieri Vini d'Italia 2008 Gambero Rosso.

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Malmantico - Vin Santo del Chianti D.O.C.

Tasting Notes: Very deep amber Bouquet: Complex fragances redolent of dried fruit, figs and honey Taste: On the palate its mouthfilling body beautifully complements exceptional elegance and aromatic length.
Grape varieties: 100% Malvasia Toscana.
Food Pairings: Ideal as "vino da meditazione" or sipping wine but it pairs well too with all types of tea biscuits and presents an intriguing combination with herbed cheeses with fruit conserves and mostarda.
Total production: 2.000 bottles.
Awards Won: 3 garppoli Duemilavini Ais 2008.

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