Le Macchiole

This winery is located in the Bolgheri wine zone. If you want to have more detail about Le Macchiole winery scroll down:

The winery

    Contact Info

  • Address: Via Bolgherese, 189/A - 57020 Bolgheri - Livorno
  • Contact: Veronica Veltro
  • Wine tasting Fee:€ 30,00/60,00
  • Open: All year round
    10:00 - 13:00 / 14:30 - 17:00
  • Ph:+39 0565 766092
  • v.veltro@lemacchiole.it
  • www.lemacchiole.it

Le Macchiole Description

Le Macchiole is located on the Bolgherese road, at around 5 km from the sea in the heart of the Bolgheri Doc area. It extends over 22 hectares, with high density plantation and low yields (“one bottle of wine per vine”).

After the untimely passing of her husband, Cinzia Merli is now running her family’s small winery with great enthusiasm, pursuing the object shared with him: produce high quality wines expressing the territory through their strong personality.

Since its foundation in 1975 the estate has seen a long period of experimentation, trying to follow both the climatic conditions and the personal passions of the estate.
The result is the actual production of three outstanding monovarietal wines, such as Messorio Scrio and Paleo, expressing thus the quality potential of the single variety in our territory.

The estate distinguishes itself by the value given to the “terroir” and pursues quality and tipicity through research and experimentation always privileging the work in the vineyard, in full respect of the biological cycle of each vine.

We now produce 4 red wines Messorio, Paleo, Scrio, Bolgheri Rosso DOC and 1 white wine Paleo Bianco, with a total production of around 100.000 bottles per year.

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Le Macchiole photo gallery

Wines from Le Macchiole

Messorio - Tuscan I.G.T.

Tasting Notes: Ruby red colour. Raspberries, blackcurrants and green tea aroma well balanced between spices and red fruits. Very persistent aroma with sweet finish. The flavour is full bodied, sweet and rounded, with sweet tannins. Very particular for the elegance which comes from the balance between the raspberries’ aroma and the sweetness on the palate given by thin tannins. Intense and rich wine for long ageing.
Grape varieties: Merlot 100%.
Food Pairings: We suggest to seve at 19° C. Good with red and white meats, pork, poultry and aged cheeses.
Total production:
Awards Won: Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator 2001/94 - 2003/93

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Scrio - Tuscan I.G.T.

Tasting Notes: Bruby red colour very deep and intense. Aromas of blackcurrant, coffee, green tea and spices: nutmeg and vanilla. Persistent wine. Very rich and deep palate with thick tannins. Taste perception enhances and increases the olfactory sense.
Grape varieties: Cabernet Franc 100%.
Food Pairings: We suggest to seve at 19° C. Good with stuffed game, pot roast meat.
Total production:
Awards Won: Wine Advocate 2001/92 - 2003/92, Wine Spectator 2001/92 - 2003/92

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Bolgheri Rosso D.O.C.

Tasting Notes: intense ruby colour with violet reflections. This wine has hints of spice, green pepper and vanilla, aromas of red fruit, blackberry, blueberries; it is long and fine. It ends with cacao berry toasted. Elegant wine and well balanced on the palate. Tannins give a sensation of freshness, they are long with sweet finish.
Grape varieties: 50% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, 15% Sangiovese, 5% Syrah.
Food Pairings: We suggest to serve at 20° C. Good with red meat, pasta with game sauce, steak.
Total production:
Awards Won: Wine Advocate 2003/88

Paleo Bianco Tuscan I.G.T

Tasting Notes: Intense straw yellow, with hints of pineapple, passion fruit, pink grapefruit and exotic fruit. Sapid, buttery and rounded on the palate.
Grape varieties: : 70% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Chardonnay.
Food Pairings: We suggest to serve at 12° C. Good with white meat.
Total production:
Awards Won: Wine Advocate 2003/88

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