Monreale Wine Trail

It is a facinating territory, thanks to the architettural beauties of Monreale, famous for the splendid Norman cathedral built by William II in 1174.

The wine specification of the Monreale DOC contemplates white, red, and rosť wines based on native and international vines, as well as 12 vine indications. The whites can also be in the superior and late harvest types, while the reds can offer the vivacity and freshness of new wines as well as being referred to as reserves.

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  • Azzolino (Camporeale)

    This winery has been producing IGT red and white and is an organic farm.

Others wineries in Monreale

  • Principe di Corleone - Pollara (Monreale)

  • Cantina Sociale dell'Alto Belice (San Cipirello)

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