In the last 20 years Sicilian wines have inproved in quality, and together with Apulia, Sicily is now the largest producer of Italian wine in Italy. Many grapes are made into raisins, and Sicilian grapes also play a large role in creating dessert wines, which require a higher concentration of grapes and are consumed in smaller quantities. In fact, in the world of international wine, Sicily is renowned for the many outstanding dessert wines, such as the world-famous Marsala.

The high-altitude of some Sicilian vineyards creates climatic conditions similar to northern regions, with the advantage of much more sunlight. Overall however, the predominant climate is hot and dry which results in characteristically robust and powerful wines.

Sicilian wine destination areas:

1. Monreale (2)
2. Alcamo (1)
3. Erice (11)
4. Marsala Terre d'Occidente
5. Val di Mazara (1)
6. Terre Sicane (1)
7. Castelli Nisseni
8. Cerasuolo di Vittoria (1)
9. Val di Noto (4)
10. Vino dell'Etna (3)
11. Messina (2)
12. Targa Florio

Wineries in Sicily

  • Feudo CavaliereFeudo Cavaliere (Santa Maria di Licodia)

    A recente generational change has made improvment and has orientated the production to a high quality.
  • Azzolino (Camporeale)

    This winery has been producing IGT red and white and is an organic farm.
  • Tenuta scilio (Linguaglossa)

    The Scilio wine estate lies on the north eastern side of Mount Etna, in one of Sicily's most beautiful areas.

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