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San Gimignano Wine Tour

Wine tour in one of the most famous wine zone of Tuscany

Vernaccia Wine Tour

This is a small group tour up to 8 attendances.

San Gimignano Wine Trail

San Gimignano wine toursVernaccia is a white Italian wine, made from the Vernaccia grape, produced in and around the Italian hill town of San Gimignano in Tuscany. Since the Renaissance it has been considered one of Italy's finest white wines. It was the first Italian wine to be awarded DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) status in 1966; on July 9th, 1993 it was upgraded to DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita).

The wine varies quite a lot in style according to its winemaking: Some producers ferment or age the wine in small French oak barrels, which gives the wine a tostiness or a creaminess that it doesn't otherwise have, while other producers make the wine un-oaked, so that the mineral aromas and flavors shine through more cleary. Some producers make more than one Vernaccia wine, each a different.

San Gimignano Winery Tours

Choose among the following wine tours of Tuscany to enjoy Chianti:

Private Vernaccia Wine Tours On this tour you will stop at two special small wineries to taste outstanding Chianti Classico wine and Supertuscan.

Small-Group San Gimignano Wine Tours This is a small group tour up to 8 attedances

Wineries in San Gimignano

  • Fattoria Monte Oliveto (San Gimignano)

  • Poderi Arcangelo (San Gimignano)

  • Cantine Baroncini (San Gimignano)

  • Cà del Vispo (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr Cappella Sant'Andrea (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Casale Falchini (San Gimignano)

  • Castello Montauto (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Cesani Vincenzo (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Fontaleoni (San Gimignano)

  • Az Agr. Il Lebbio (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr Il Palagione (San Gimignano)

  • Az Agr. Podere La Marronaia (San Gimignano)

  • Tenuta Le Calcinaia (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr Le Fornaci (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Le Rote (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Le Solive (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Le Tre Stelle (San Gimignano)

  • Tenuta Moraia (San Gimignano)

  • Tenute Niccolai - Palagetto (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr Panizzi (San Gimignano)

  • Poderi del Paradiso (San Gimignano)

  • Fattoria di Pietrafitta (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr Pietra Serena (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Rampa di Fugnano (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Rubicini Italo (San Gimignano)

  • Fattoria. Sovestro - Baroncini (San Gimignano)

  • Teruzzi & Puthod (San Gimignano)

  • Az. Agr. Tollena (San Gimignano)

  • Villa Cusona - Tenute Guicciardini Strozzi (San Gimignano)

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