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The climatic and geological features of Montepulciano land used specifically for winegrowing determine the quality of the wine produced there.Wine Tour Montepulciano
The vineyards are mainly east-facing. The best lands are the well-aspected vineyards in Caggiole, Sanguineto, Gracciano and Cervognano, where the clay is mixed with sand. The wines produced here are almost always suitable for long ageing periods.
The vineyards cover a total surface area of 670 hectares producing 27,000 hl of wine suitable to become “Vino Nobile”.
The main variety used is Prugnolo Gentile, a clonal section of Sangiovese Grosso (50-70%), a grape used in all red Tuscan wines. Other varieties used areCanaiolo nero (10-20%), Malvasia del Chianti and Trebbiano Toscano (10-20%); limited quantities of Pulcinculo (Grechetto Bianco) and Mammolo may also be added (5%).
The grapes are very carefully selected during the harvest: only the most suitable are used for “Vino Nobile”. The others are used for “Rosso di Montepulciano” or table wines.
The wine must be aged for at least two years in oak or chestnut wood barrels before DOCG analysis and subsequent bottling. After three years’ ageing it can be called “Riserva”.

Vittorio Del Bono Venezze

Wine tours in Montepulciano

Choose among the following wine tours to taste some of the best Nobile:

Private Nobile di Montepulciano Wine Tours
Nobile di Montepulciano is a famous bland of Sangiovese grape. This tour will take you in one of the best wine growing region of Tuscany.

Samll-Group Montepulciano Wine Tour
This is an affordable way to taste Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG wines .

Winery in Montepulciano

  • Az. Agr. Poliziano (Montepulciano Stazione)

    It was founded in 1961. Its name is an homage to the humanist poet Angelo Ambrogini, known as "Il Poliziano", who was born in Montepulciano.
  • Poderi Boscarelli (Cervognano di Montepulciano)

    La Sala welcomes all those interested in wine production, particularly those interested in wine-tasting in the relaxing scenery of Tuscany.
  • Villa Sant' Anna (Abbadia di Montepulciano)

    The wine cellar represents the heart of the farm. The most modern technology works alongside the antique aging cellars.
  • Az. Il Godiolo (Montepulciano)

    The winery lies on the central part of one of the most ancient vine and olive growve sites which used to supply the city of Montepulciano.
  • Bindella (Montepulciano)

    This property was bought by the Bindella family in the 1984 and is the oldest cellar in Montepulciano. The barrels are stored in an ancient Villa from the 1700.

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