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Chianti Montespertoli Wine Tour

Chianti from Montespertoli Thanks to its mite climate, good position and territory, the area of Montespertoli is devoted to the vineyards cultivation. This area includes a wine cultivated territory of about 1.600 ha and about 1.400 ha are DOCG cultivated. The annual production of grapes is of about hl. 140.110 and 91.152 DOCG.

The protection association which works in Montespertoli wine zone is the Consorzio del Chianti. The wine is, with extravergine oil, the most famous and significative product from history's and production's points of view. The production can be attained by the traditional process called the governo in tuscan use. The governo make the wine fresher, vivider and full-bodied. With appropriate selections of grapes they produce a special sort of Chianti wine destined to be aged and to reach the nomination of RISERVA. The Chianti wine Riserva is requested by most expert clients and by the foreign market. The white wines, obtained from Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes, have made important improvements thanks to the introduction of estimeed sorts of wines such as the Pinot bianco, Chardonnay and Riesling.

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  • Fattoria La Gigliola (Montespertoli)

    This winery with its 25 hectars of vineyards has a time honoured tradition in the production of quality wines.

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