Tuscan Wine Tours

San Gimignano Wine Tour

Wine tour in one of the most famous wine zone of Tuscany

Vernaccia di San Gimignano

This is a small group tour up to 8 attedances.

Carmignano Wine Tour

Carmignano is Tuscany's least known red DOCG wine.Carmignano wine tours The tiny production area is ten miles west of Florence, about in the middle of Tuscany along the region's east-west axis.
Only a handful of companies make wine here, in a vineyard area of only about 270 acres. Altough the area is cool, relatively low altitudes enable Sangiovese grapes to ripen well.

One of Carmignano's claims to fame is that Cabernet Sauvignon has traditionally been grown in the zone. Carmignano derives primarily from Sangiovese, along with Cannaiolo and two Cabernet varieties.

Some wineries

  • Fattoria Ambra (Carmignano)

  • Tenuta di Capezzana (Carmignano)

  • Fattoria di Bacchereto (Carmignano)

  • Tenuta Le Farnete (Carmignano)

  • Az. Agr Podere Le Poggiarelle (Carmignano)

  • Az. Agr. Pratesi (Carmignano)

  • Piaggia (Poggio a Caiano)

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